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The globalization of corporate initiatives and private travel requirements to less than permissive locations place travelers at risk of kidnappings, assaults and terrorist acts. Qualified and experienced protection agents reduce that risk by providing both active and passive deterrent, and if needed an immediate response to emerging threats. In many cases a presence of professional and competent protective service agents force threatening elements to pick another target.  


 CSP provides discrete and comprehensive estate / property security and executive protection and protective transportation services to clients by implementing the same practices we have employed in protecting US and allied nation sensitive sites and high value officials around the globe.  


Our services provide clients peace-of-mind knowing they have the very best security professionals protecting them. their families, property and reputations. 

View just one of the reasons CSP is the premier Security Provider in the SW region.  

Real-Time officer tracking, situational awareness updates, and immediate client reporting provide CSP's customers assurance of their security posture.   


Security Guards / Officer's

CSP provides professional uniformed, armed and un-armed security guards and vehicle patrol services in  support of US Government,commercial, residential and individual security needs.

CSP's security officers are properly licensed, maintain current CPR / AED and basic trauma management certifications, are well equipped and highly capable of performing there assigned duties.       

Close Protection

CSP close protection agents are highly skilled, discrete and experienced in all aspects of protective operations. Our goal is to provide client physical and reputation protection by identifying symptoms of an incident before the incident occurs, and if necessary, respond accordingly to safeguard the client and reduce liability.      

Estate & Property Protection

CSP provides property, personal estate and residential community protective and security services designed to keep you, your family, guest and properties safe and secure during routine and schedule events. We offer 24 hour protection services (armed and unarmed / uniformed and plain clothes) to address your security requirements.

School & Place of Worship Protection

A professional on-site presence serves to deter criminal intentions.  Having a trained, licensed and prepared response has proven the best solution in threatening situations. CSP's Protection Agents 

safeguard students, faculty clergy and parishioners from internal and external threats.

We provide a safe place for learning and worship by employing highly trained and skilled protection agents.  

Secure Transportation Services

CSP's provides commercial clients operating facilities in Mexico secure transport for its employees, management and visiting VIP's.   

Our Protective Transport Officers are highly trained in secure transport and executive protection operations; all possess vast experience operating throughout  Mexico.         

Event Venue Advances & Security

CSP may conduct small event - large venue advance services for your specific requirement. Ensuring a safe and secure entertainment venue, corporate event or travel destination while reducing exposure and liability.   

Security     Consulting

CSP's team of security professionals may consult with corporations, media groups and security       conscious individuals to assist with the development and implementation of comprehensive security and emergency response measures that best protect and manage liability.  Our team's years of experience in supporting USGOV and Private Sector clients with tailored Risk Mitigation Programs means you get a security solution designed specifically for you, your organization and your risk.


CSP may consult on: 

  • Guards and Patrol Services

  • Electronic Device Sweeps

  • Access Control Procedures

  • Facility Security Assessments

  • Travel Security

  • Evaluation of Existing Security 

  • Emergency Management Plans

  • Venue Threat Management

  • Response to Active Shooter

  • Security Procedure Development

  • Active and Passive (CCTV) Implementation

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

TVA's provide clients with comprehensive assessment of risk and exposure from various threats.  CSP's TVA team has conducted such operations in support of US and Allied Nation governments, corporations and high net-worth persons. Determining, vulnerability and implementing strategies to reduce risk is the nexus of this service.    

Texas Security License: B07307601
Texas Training Academy: F09388201
New Mexico Security License: TPP3927
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