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Estate & Property Protective Services

CSP provides personal estate and property security services designed to keep you, your family, guest and properties safe and secure during routine and schedule events. We offer 24 hour static and/or patrol services (armed and unarmed) to address your security requirements. CSP has the necessary competencies, trained and dedicated personnel and organic equipment to keep you safe and your investment safe and secure.    

CSP may operate in conjunction with existing security systems and/or provide a comprehensive assessment of grounds security posture.  We address your concerns and may recommend  implementation strategy to best mitigate risk.    


Range of Services:

  • Security Patrol services

  • Traffic control / entry control services

  • Exterior property / perimeter security

  • Uniformed (Armed / Unarmed)

  • Venue VIP personal protection

  • Security Planning

  • Coordination with local Law Enforcement

  • Escort and oversight of visiting property service providers

  • Discrete (low profile) Protective Services  

  • On-site support services

Security Patrol Vehicles
CSP Protection Services operate its Patrol Services with late model, properly equipped  Ford Police Interceptor model vehicles
Woosley Fires CSP Services
CSP Estate Protection Teams stood vigilant alongside CA. Fire Fighters to protect our clients property during the horrific Woosley Fire in S. California.  Our preventive measures, installed fire suppression systems and CSP's team member diligence reports no property loss or sever damage. 
Malibu Protection Team
Malibu Protectin Team
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