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School & Place of Worship Protection

The targeting of schools and places of worship in America present unique challenges to those concerned with there protection.  What were once considered Safe and Friendly Zones, have continued to be targeted for violent acts.


Tragic events perpetrated at Schools, Churches, Synagogues and other gathering locations continue to increase. As those target organizations do their best to determine a security protocol, all too often their course of action proves inadequate in deterring threat, does little to reduce risk, all while actually increasing liability and exposure.


Worship and school locations that utilize parishioners or staff to form internal security teams assume liability related to untrained, inexperienced and often unlicensed persons perform security operations. In addition to liability cost, reputations may be destroyed by improper or less than accurate response to emergency situations by adhoc security groups.  


CSP protects; that's what we do. We have worked in partnership with worship groups and schools to implement professional and responsive protection services, capable of deterring criminal intent and if necessary providing immediate response in emerging situations.   

Our Services Include:  

  • School Protection Agents (Armed)

  • Worship Campus Protection Team/s (Armed)

  • Patrols / Traffic Control

  • Emergency Planning and Exercise Implementation

Our Protection Agents are trained above state required levels. All receive quarterly sustainment training and qualification examinations.

All operate within CSP's code of conduct, physically and mentally fit.  

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