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CSP provides fundamental-based, relevant, Combat and Defensive Technique Applications training to Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals and Responsible Citizens through a Special Operations Forces training methodology.

Our instructor cadre hail from the U.S. Special Operations community and elite law enforcement assignments, all have global combat and security experience and have provided instruction worldwide.  


We do not teach theory, we deliver no nonsense operational-proven skills development for those facing emerging environments. 

Security / Protection 

High Threat Protection Course

Executive Protection Course

Foreign Affairs Counter Threat Course

State of Texas Private Security  Officer  Licensing Courses:

        Level 2/3 Security Officer                     (unarmed / armed)   

        Level 4 Personal Protection                 Officer

Active Shooter Response Course

Military / Law Enforcement 

Combat Marksmanship (CMMS) Programs

Mobile Force Protection / Counter-Ambush 

Combat Skills Readiness Course 

Agent / Operator Survivability Course

Firearms Instructor Course

Vehicle Assault Course

Designated Defensive Marksmanship (DDM) Course

Open Enrollment

Basic Handgun Course

TX License to Carry Course

New: Low Profile Carry Course (LPCC)

Defensive Handgun 1

Defensive Handgun 2

Carbine Operations Course

Tactical Pistol Course

Tactical Carbine Course

Tactical Medic Course (TCCC)

Personal Security Detail (PSD) Course

Aerial Gunnery Shooting Course

CSP operates its training programs in conjunction with multiple training facilities throughout the United States SW Region.  Most CSP training programs are capable of off-site conduct via CSP's Mobile Training Teams (MTT's).   


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