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Secure Transport
Mexico Transport Services

CSP's headquarters in El Paso, TX facilitates our secure transport services for corporate clients requiring travel into the Juarez and other Northern Mexico

manufacturing zones.  

Our multi-vehicle protocol and installed real-time automotive emergency tracking devices provide clients peace of mind knowing their movements are monitored via our US based reporting and response coordination team. 

CSP's Protective Transport Officers (PTO's) primarily hail from the Law Enforcement and Military / Military Special Operations communities.  Our friendly PTO's are trained in Protective Driving Techniques, maintain state of Texas Security Licenses, are experienced operating in Mexico, and all are Spanish Language proficient.          

Range of Services:

  • Advance Coordination and Safe Route Planning

  • Pick Up and Drop Off Services (El Paso, TX)

  • Late Model MiniVan / Van, SUV or Sedan motorcade composition (discrete) 

  • Other Mexico City Transport (select client destinations)

  • Security Planning

  • Escort On-Site (Close Protection) Services

  • Discrete (low profile) Protective Services  

  • Armed Escort operating in conjunction with a vetted and licensed Mexican Security Firm (additional fees apply)

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