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Close Protection

CSP's close protection personnel are highly skilled, discrete and experienced in all aspects of protective operations. Our goal is to provide the client physical and reputation protection by identifying symptoms of an incident before the incident occurs, and if necessary, respond accordingly to safeguard the client and reduce liability.      

CSP's security professionals have served on both domestic and high threat (overseas) protective details. Our security personnel has provided protection for U.S. and Allied Nation Diplomats and Dignitaries, Senior Military Officials, High-Net-Worth Media Elites and Corporate Clients.    

CSP may provide coverage ranging from; 1-agent (male/female) escort duties to multi-car multi-agent Personal Security Details (PSD) for both U.S. and overseas locations. 

Range of Services:

  • 1-Agent Escort - Multi-Agent Protection Detail (Domestic / International) 

  • Multi-Agent High Threat Security Detail (International)

  • Advance Operations of Client Destinations / venues

  • Covert Protective Services                                                                                *CSP maintains necessary equipment, communications and client protective items to facilitate extended duration protection operations.  

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