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Security Guards & Patrol Services

On-site security presence serves as a first line of defense in a Risk Mitigation strategy. Professionally trained, well equipped and responsible security professionals create a safe and secure environment for commercial establishments, social events and locations that may be faced with probable security threats.


CSP's Security Officer's excel in all aspects of security services.  Our state licensed, internal security officer training academy provides CSP the capability to recruit, vet and train our personnel to the highest standard in the security industry.  All CSP security officers meet strict personal conduct, appearance and aptitude standards, must maintain current CPR, AED and Trauma Management certifications, and graduate CSP's Active Shooter Response Course.   


Additionally, CSP invests in officer sustainment and advance training on a quarterly basis.  This, combined with enforced standards provides customers the very best in private security officer coverage.  Our officers will be  on-site, on-time, and prepared to execute assigned duties in accordance with customer requirements and proper security services protocols.

CSP's Patrol Services employ late model vehicles (marked units), equipped with emergency lighting, communication, GPS tracking and medical aid equipment.  CSP's patrol services serve as a crime deterrent, and if necessary, a first responder to a multitude of emerging situations.   



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