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AH-6 Helicopters | CSP Mission Support


CSP's is uniquely trained and equipped to assist in various Mission Support roles.  From Disaster Response, Isolated Area Emergency Security Services to Military Support Operations, CSP offers deployable services to meet customer requirements. 

CSP’s team of  former U.S. Military Special Operations personnel are capable of providing a wide array of services in response to emergency and disaster area requirements. CSP provides security of critical infrastructure & high value properties, personnel recovery in denied areas, tactical support and isolated area communications.  


CSP increases its capability and isolated area reach by maintaining its pre-staged response package; including helicopters and passenger jet (with crew) which may be deployed in support of client operational requirements.  

CSP operates its Emergency Response services in conjunction with supporting partnerships in many geographical areas. 


Disaster Assistance Response Team (D.A.R.T)

CSP provides its D.A.R.T. capabilities to USGOV, NGO and Private Customers seeking rapid and capable assistance. Our team's personnel have deployed to assist with Search and Rescue / Recovery in the aftermath of flood, earthquake and civil disturbance. CSP may operate with a reduced signature or larger size team composition.     

Site Security

Natural or manmade events often pose immediate challenges to maintaining security of critical facilities, persons and/or information. CSP supports customers with various emergency response security and protection related services.

Our Team's may be deployed within a reduced timeframe; ensuing rapid response during deteriorating security situations.        

Foreign Internal Defense

CSP's team of former US Special Operations Forces qualified personnel is highly experienced in all aspects of operating in support of US and Allied Nation defense and security operations.  

We may provide military, policing and security related skills training to host nation personnel as well as tactical application advisory services during emerging threat environments.  

Our personnel are organized in a SOF team configuration, equipped and deployable within a short suspense.   

Haiti 2010 CSP provides Mission Support and Protecton to University of Miami Relief
Emergency Recovery CSP


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